Hi, I'm Chet Rinaudo, Owner.

I've been collecting comics since 1973!

I have extensive comic knowlege and started selling on E-bay in 2000.

As far as pre-2005 comics go, I intend to sell pre-realese comics once my Diamond Disrtibutorship is in place.

My PASSION is COMICS and it's industry.  With my uncanny ability to make a deal at any time, I have a lot to offer you as your on-line and brick & mortar store.  We are located at 22 Sutorius Drive (off Dewey Avenue in Greece, across the street from Walmart), Rochester, NY.  Please put me in your "Favorites" and as Boulder (my mascot) says, 

"Gotta get my comics....."

"Hello & Welcome!"


These are just some of the greatest covers ever drawn, in my opinion. 

This is amazing Art!