Want to know how local artist, David Ratigan, created our awesome wall mural of the Hulk throwing hands with the Thing? Check out the slideshow below!

Hi, I'm Chet Rinaudo and my PASSION is comics and it's industry!
I've been collecting comics since 1973 and have extensive comic knowledge to help you walk away with the comics you know and love.

Being a small business owner, my focus is our customers. Whether it's a comic, toy, statue or other collectible, I will use my resources to the best of my ability to get it in your hands at an honest and fair price!

We're located at 3805 Dewey Avenue, across from Northgate Plaza in Greece. So come on down, join the stampede and see what Rhino's can offer you! Because you're more than just a customer.
To us you're family!

  Our Origin Story

Below are my personal picks for some of the best comic book covers out there! Stop in the shop and, who knows? Maybe you'll find your favorite covers in our expansive offerings!